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Maidenwood Embroidery Designs offers carefully crafted, hand-embroidered jewelry, accessories as well as DIY embroidery kits. Come discover for yourself the enchanting properties of slow work and the long tradition of hand-embroidered keepsakes.

Hello, I'm Sophie!


I fell in love with hand embroidery at about age 7 or 8, watching my

grandmother work on one of her many petit point projects.  Through the years, hand embroidery has remained an ever-present hobby of mine.  Now, in my early forties,  I have decided to fully dedicate my focus and creative energy to its pursuit.

My focus is on creating original and evocative modern hand embroidery designs, patterns, DIY kits, and finished pieces that delight the creative senses and charm the spirit.  I draw my inspiration primarily from the natural world, with an added blend of Victorian décor, Cottagecore essence, and Gothic sensibilities. 

For me, "Maidenwood" isn't just a name or a brand; it is also a space in which to embrace the enchanting properties of “slow work”. I have always believed in the power of hand embroidery to create meaning in people's lives, foster connections to places, establish memories, and strengthen rituals. I created Maidenwood so that I could give this feeling and energy home of its own. 

I welcome you to join me here in whatever way suits you best: Newsletter, Instagram, or Facebook. I hope that you find within Maidenwood, a safe little sanctuary for yourself and a place in which to slow down and discover many beautiful things.

Much Love,

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